Vallejo Poetry Chapbook

Vallejo Poetry Chapbook: Verses, Voices, & Visions of Vallejo

Dear poets connected to the Vallejo scene,

I hope to use my time as laureate to lift up the voices of the many other talented Vallejo poets. It is my goal to publish a chapbook entitled Verses, Voices, & Visions of Vallejo which will feature poets of all ages who are connected to Vallejo, and to celebrate this wonderful city, her events, her people, and her places. Proceeds will be donated to a non-profit and reprint rights will remain with the individual authors, so if you’re a local poet, please write about something in Vallejo.

In the coming year, please send me your poems that celebrate our city, its rich history, its beautiful diversity, and its many joyous events. Bookmark this link for all the details:

Send this to other local poets, as I’d like to feature many talented artists in this chapbook who either live in, grew up in, or perform their poetry in Vallejo, or as an exception to that rule, poets whom I know personally.

The book will be released on April 6th, 2018. All net profits will be donated to the Vallejo Peace Project.

D.L. Lang – 2nd Vallejo Poet Laureate

Verses, Voices & Visions of Vallejo

The idea behind this book is to shine a light on as many artists and wordsmiths as possible. It is to allow them to freely express themselves. They were not bound to form, subject matter, or even agreement with one another, so as to truly reflect the diversity of this community.

Even those with brief connections to the Vallejo community or myself will be embraced and accepted. Anyone who submits is welcome. Their writings remain their intellectual property, so reprint requests should go to the original authors of these pieces. This book is merely an opportunity of unity. Aside from minor grammatical or obvious spelling errors, nothing will be changed.

The most important part of writing, in this editor’s humble opinion, is the heart, not adherence to the toolkit. And this book contains loads of it.

The views expressed in this chapbook are those of the individual poets, not necessarily shared by the city of Vallejo, its poet laureate, the Vallejo Peace Project or yourself. You may disagree with some of their words. Please keep an open mind anyways. Their poetry, personalities, backgrounds, and ideas are as diverse as our city, and this chapbook aims to welcome everyone within its pages and expose the reader to the beauty of their words.

The poems remain the sole intellectual property of their writers. I make no claim to ownership of them, nor does the Vallejo Peace Project, nor the city of Vallejo. If you wish to reprint anything in this book in future volumes, you must reach out to the individual artist for permission. I am grateful to all of them for lending their art for this book, including those musicians who lent me their lyrics.

D.L. Lang,
Vallejo Poet Laureate 2017-2019

I appreciate the Vallejo Times Herald for printing my letter about the chapbook project in the April 22, 2018 paper. You can read it here.

Vallejo Poetry Chapbook Submission Requirements


Vallejo Poetry Chapbook Accepting Submissions


We want to publish you in a Vallejo Poetry Chapbook!

Verses, Voices & Visions of Vallejo

Our 2nd Vallejo Poet Laureate, D.L. Lang, is seeking poetry submissions to be included in a chapbook, celebrating Vallejo to be released April 6th, 2019. All proceeds will benefit the Vallejo Peace Project.

Requirements: 1) Poets of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities encouraged to submit. Poets under 18 must have parent or guardian’s permission.

2) This book celebrates the people, places, and poets of Vallejo, California. Suggested topics include but are not limited to: historical events, your favorite place in town, a community that you’re involved in, or your experience of a local festival/event. Let’s tell the world about our beautiful city!

3) Previously unpublished poems preferred. If previously published, secure permission for reprint before submission, and note name of publication with submission so that credit can be given. Prior social media post, personal blog, or performance does not count as previous publication for the purposes of this chapbook. Reprint rights revert to poet upon publication.

4) Editor will fix minor punctuation or obvious spelling errors, so don’t sweat it, just submit! Poems will otherwise be published as-is to preserve each poet’s style.

5) Accepted poets will receive 1 free copy of the chapbook and an opportunity to read their poem in front of an audience upon publication. No monetary compensation. Only bragging rights. Any financial proceeds from book sales will be given to a local non-profit to benefit the Vallejo community.

Paste up to three (3) poems, short author bio, and contact information in body of email addressed to: