Vallejo Poetry Chapbook

Vallejo Anthology: Verses, Voices, & Visions of Vallejo

The book will be released on April 6th, 2019 with a reading at the JFK Library.

All net profits will be donated to the Vallejo Peace Project. The poems remain the sole intellectual property of their writers. I make no claim to ownership of them, nor does the Vallejo Peace Project, nor the city of Vallejo. If you wish to reprint anything in this book in future volumes, you must reach out to the individual artist for permission. I am grateful to all of them for lending their art for this book, including those musicians who lent me their lyrics.

Unless I have personally already offered you an extended deadline, submissions are now closed as the book has reached the editing stage.

To those of you who submitted, I will be in touch.

D.L. Lang

Vallejo Poet Laureate