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    Peace will Come – International Day of Peace

    In honor of the International Day of Peace, making a special post for this. I wrote these words as part of my contribution to La Familia: Peace will come the day we forget how to drop the bombs or make the guns, When we get along underneath the same old sun, Singing songs in holy unison no matter where we’re from, Yes, peace will come. Peace will come. Pray before the day is done. My friend, Fred Ross-Perry was inspired by them and expanded it into these lyrics, and the song: Peace will come, and it won’t be long When we forget how to drop the bombs When we forget…

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    Headline Antidote

    “Headline Antidote” is my favorite poem that I have ever written, and is published in the book, Poet Loiterer. It is an attempt to answer the question what can regular folks do in a painful world with so many negative headlines except to be a rebel in favor of goodness. It’s one of my favorites to perform, and I have at many places, including at the Vallejo Man March on March 12, 2016, and the 2nd Rodef Sholom Beit Cafe in December 2015. “Headline Antidote” also won 5th place in Any Other Poetry at the 2016 Marin County Fair. Headline Antidote Be a rebel for righteousness, a leader for love,…

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    Today’s prompt was to write a poem of lies. Yes, these are all, unfortunately lies, but oh, what a world if true. Plowshares I awoke this beautiful morning to witness an amazing sight. The nations have laid down their arms. Their peoples will no longer fight. The evil dictator tyrants died of heart attacks, mysteriously overnight. The swords have been beaten to plowshares. The guns, museum pieces now. The nukes have been dismantled. The tanks have rusted down. Estranged lovers and parents with children long since left, now embrace their differences, and hold tight to each others breast. On this day no innocents died. The children are all healthy. On…