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Contact D.L. Lang

Email D.L. Lang

To contact D.L. Lang about poetry opportunities, please direct all official inquiries to this email address: poetryebook@gmail.com

Any unsolicited inquiries trying to sell me goods or services will be ignored and marked as junk email. I have no budget for such things.

Booking Instructions

I’m available to write a poem to order and/or perform it at your event. I also serve occasionally as a judge of performance and writing, and spoken word event host.  To schedule an appearance, please send me an email at poetryebook@gmail.com

Please do not ask me to bring food or help plan your event. I also do not own a sound system. These are the responsibilities of the venue or organization holding the event.

Please include in your message:

  • how long of a set you’d like me to perform (for example, just one poem or a set lasting a specific number of minutes)
  • if there is a specific theme to the event
  • time and date of the event
  • the address of the venue
  • the amount of honorarium to cover travel costs
  • if I am allowed to sell books at the event
  • If your venue takes a percentage of book sales
  • If you require a specific number of books to be available at your event, I need at least two weeks notice to allow time for ordering.

If you’d like me to read longer than 5-10 minutes, for accessibility reasons, you must provide:

  • a podium or music stand
  • a mic stand and PA system

Social Media

If you’re trying to reach me for a gig, email is best, as I do not check social media inboxes frequently. I use social media very sparingly.  Search “D.L. Lang” to find both my Facebook profile and fan page. You’re welcome to friend me, follow me, or just like the page.


Contact D.L. Lang at poetryebook@gmail.com
Contact D.L. Lang at poetryebook@gmail.com

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