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    Vallejo, California

    Vallejo, California by D.L. LangĀ  Vallejo, she greets you with promises of opportunity, where frothy waves kiss the highway, as the seagulls soar above the bay admiring her cityscape.   Two blue towers peek above the horizon, bridging together a city with her island. The ships still sail down the Napa River, her waters carrying sacred memories of the sailors who served so valiantly against the rising tides of tyranny.   Festivals and parades shower her citizenry in the confetti of possibility, as a city honors its history, while walking hand in hand towards a bright future built by the dreams of her people.   Delighted dwellers dance downtown, sharing…

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    Little Watercraft

    Little Watercraft She’s not a mighty aircraft carrier, nor the giant train ferry of old, but she’s a fine little boat who sails these waters cold. She ain’t a spiffy luxury yacht, nor energetic motor boat, but she’ll give it all she’s got, so joyously we shall float. She’ll never fight in a war, nor deliver heavy freight. She’s just a little watercraft, and boy, I think she’s great! By day we become adventurers wandering into the great blue bay, going fishing and making friends, for our work feels just like play. Each night she rests beside the dock, safely nestled in the boatyard. She dreams of traveling this wide…