It was truly an honor to be able to share this poem today at Artiszen for the group of visionary, world-changing activists, architects, and environmentalists gathered there for Resilient by Design. Listen! Listen! Do you hear that? Our Mother, she is calling. She weeps with a broken … Continue reading

In These Times

Jessica Brown did a lovely video of me reading this poem out in Hanns Park.  Click the photo to view the video.  In These Times   Peace is not just a feeling of calm. It is not just the ability to feel safe as you go through life, nor to remain centered in chaos, nor is it … Continue reading
Performing at Vallejo’s Unity Day.

Unity Day Poems

I was asked to write poetry that celebrates the diversity of Vallejo for Unity Day. One poem is to honor the past and the contributions of our ancestors, and one is a vision of the future. It was an honor to be able to perform them both at the 2017 Unity Day "One Love" celebration! Watch the … Continue reading
Unbound Coal Shed

Unbound – Coal Shed Studios Book Arts

It was my pleasure to write this poem for the Coal Shed Studios Book Arts Show. I read it there on 9.9.17. Watch the video. “Unbound” Ignoring the binding that once anchored them into cold, rational paragraphs, the books were now free to become art, to evolve beyond the … Continue reading


Charlottesville by D.L. Lang United we stand, together as one, daughters, mothers, fathers, and sons. Members of every religion and race, here in Vallejo, the world’s most diverse place. In these difficult times we have chosen to embrace. We stand in solidarity with Charlottesville. We … Continue reading