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    Two poems for National Poetry Month 2018

    I had the honor of performing among a group of super talented fellow poets in Benicia, CA for “Why Poetry?” and Fairfield, CA for “Why Poetry Matters” for National Poetry Month to support two good causes: The Joel Fallon Poetry Scholarship and Solano County Library Foundation Literacy Programs. The poem “Libraries Ignite Universes” was written for the Solano County Library system and was originally published on their Facebook page earlier this month, and is in my new book Resting on My Laurels. The poem Why Poetry Matters I wrote for the Fairfield event.  I read both of these in Benicia, and then again in Fairfield as part of a larger…

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    Poems from the book Resting on my Laurels,  Poetry

    What a Gift You Have Given Me!

    Today I had the honor of joining fellow poets laureate Genea Brice and Johanna Ely in speaking about some incredible women poets for the AAUW’s Voices of Change: American Women Poets who have Made a Difference. I spoke about and read one poem each from Alicia Ostriker and Emma Lazarus. The poems I read appear in The Imaginary Lover and Dover Thrift’s The Poems of Emma Lazarus, Volume One. I’d encourage you to buy their books on Amazon as well as Esther Schorr’s excellent biography on Emma. Thank you to the AAUW for including me, and the Benicia Herald, the Times Herald, Benicia Patch, KUIC, Visit Vallejo, Visit Benicia, and…

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    Elegant Stag

    Inspired by “Elegant Stag” by Tracy Cullen Written and performed for Arts Benicia “Art of a Community” on February 24, 2018 Elegant Stag I once was a deer. Now it appears, I’m part chandelier. How, oh, how did I ever get here? Two lifetimes ago, I enjoyed the finer things: crystal goblets overflowing with wine, tailored suits and soft silk ties, the greatest operas of my time. How I loved to hear them sing! When I was a mere lad of twenty-one, I fell for a young lady with, oh, such a voice! Her spirit just overcame me. My heart, it had no choice. One evening as I strolled downtown…

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    Inspired by the painting “Players” by Marcy Orendorff Written and performed for the Arts Benicia “Art of a Community” on February 24, 2018 Players The rest of the world seemed to fade away, as the room elevated into the heavens. Upon their melodies they would float, two soulmates bound by art. With each gentle note, her fingers struck chords upon his heart. As his fingers caressed the ivory keys, her soul, it felt so free. They could play endlessly into the night. Time became a mystery. It was a love that only artists can know, singing in a language only hearts understand. A love that only shows itself between the…

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    I had a lovely evening at the Vallejo JFK Library listening to featured poets Poetic Old Soul, Andrew Demcak, and Vanessa Rochelle Lewis. I also read a love poem written specifically for the Queer Words Vallejo event entitled “Ignite” which is posted below. You can find out about future literary events organized by Wayne Goodman and Rick May at: www.facebook.com/queerwordsreadings/ The Times Herald also did an article which you can read here: www.timesheraldonline.com/article/NH/20171008/NEWS/171009844     Ignite Loving one another is a most natural act. There is no greater high than falling in love. No greater aspiration than to be in relationship with one another. Our culture often teaches that there is only…

  • D.L. Lang Poet Laureate
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    I recited this poem, “Visions,” at the 10.10.17 Vallejo City Council meeting where I was officially proclaimed and appointed the 2017-2019 Vallejo Poet Laureate. Visions by D.L. Lang No photo can quite capture this moment’s true beauty, for moments, like all people, were meant to be free.   Words, they fail to pinpoint just what this place means to me, for words are but stardust in this universe full of dreams.   How wonderful to have landed in this corner of the earth, where the streets are lined with stories of history and rebirth.   To your visions of our metropolis to what she was, is, and can still be,…