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Grey, with fellow Enid musicians Steven Harwood and Mike Harbour, turned four of my poems (Perceptions, Chameleon, Unexnon, My My) from my first book Tea & Sprockets into this song which will appears on Grey’s latest album, Booze & Psychedelics.

Click here to listen if the embed doesn’t appear.

Below are the four poems that make up the lyrics to the song.


Lying in the leaves,
Music flowing through her bones,
Thoughts, ideas swell inside,
Visual creation.
It needs no explanation.
Springtime day at noon,
Life begins to bloom,
Kicking stones straight down,
Laughing now.
She’s such a clown.
World is ending.
She cares not.
Life blooms on.
That’s her sole thought.
Drumming on,
Marching on,
They shoot.
She feels not.
They’ve died.
She knows not.
They’re in pain.
Alone. Forgot.


In a new world
devoid of devotion
to tradition and song
lost in illusion
forgetting the wrongs
of a generation’s past.

Into the night
we step into darkness
seeking the light
of the sun and the moon
forgiving the world
for it’s only doomed.

Sadly awaking
I look to my left
seeing the dragons
breathing fire at dawn
clutching my chest
beginnings are gone.

Strong evolution
revolutions gone past
escaping the prison
of timing and space
into the reasons
we all leave this place.

Nonsensical murmurs
of the front porch light
piercing mosquitoes
illuminating misdeeds
from men who seek evil
but play good in the light.

My My

My my.
What do I actually care?
Because I don’t!
Not in this vast darkness
in the infinite corridors
of my mind.

I cannot care.
For when I cease
to care, my
my head is free!
Yes, freedom
slowly cut out
surgically removed
the national

Subconscious are my,
my thoughts.
Silent protest on
the lawn

The dull ache.
The notion.

Alas, refrain!
There is no right
to silence.

Silence your pain.
Nervous breaking.


I am uncertain.
Day to day.
Are you true?
Why do I ponder?
No importance.
I trust your words.
Your actions confuse me.
Sanity is but a dream.
Nonexistent. Labeled.
Tell me who I am.
Who are you?
I cannot say what I want for I do not know.
I walk among earthquakes,
pondering the purpose, but not seeing one.
Joy is fleeting.
Why do you use me so?
No, I like it. Overwhelmed. No time.
Have I misjudged everyone?
Or is the world more skeptical than I?
I am a fool.
Damn my inhibitions.
They lead me into a cage.
Trapped for no reasons.
Destined for a lonely world.
Thousands walking.
Paths collide. We are blind.
I fear what you’d think.
Do you know?
I retract my harsh words.
You were right.

Poems from the book Tea & Sprockets


What is poetry?

But the flowing

of the soul’s

inner beauty,

terror and pain,


method and madness,


concrete abstract

versions of the


of pure nothingness.

Poems from the book Tea & Sprockets Poetry

I wrote this about 12 years ago while attending The University of Oklahoma. Outside the Student Union is a fountain from the class of 1935. Pausing between classes at that fountain inspired this poem which appears in my first book, Tea & Sprockets.

I’ve noticed that while there are several poems on my Instagram, a few appear on my album Happy Accidentsand you can download some in the book samples, I hadn’t ever posted any poems from that book directly on this blog, so I’ll be sharing a few on occasion, starting with the poem below:

Fountain (1935)

Life drips from the fountain of youth,
Streaming from a distant future.
The well of a never ending past.
Peaceful, glistening drops hurry to their end.
Continuous life streams pass.
Simultaneous origins of origin.
Soft ripples of pain and pleasure
Spread beyond memory.
Recycled dreams and history
Soon to be forgotten,
But to those who stop inquiry
Receive a peace in rhythm
Seldom discovered today.

Oklahoma Poems Poems from the book Tea & Sprockets Poetry