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I’ve Half A Mind To…

I hear about injustice.
I hear about a protest.
I feel the stirring in my gut.
I feel the need to speak up.

I am urged to get out.
I won’t stand idly by.
The fire stirs me to act.

A love that knows no fear.
A courageous willingness.
A force that gives selflessly—
channeling into creation.

Poems from the book Poet Loiterer

There Must Be An Answer

Don’t for a second think me a saint,
because that’s one thing I sure ain’t.
I’m just a lonely poet in a world gone wrong,
hoping, and praying, and singing out songs.

Collecting my thoughts, prayers, and words,
in hopes to stand up against this absurd
darkness that envelopes this new era,
carefully pondering all humanity’s errors.

Maybe we’ll get it right some day.
Until then let’s join together and say,
“We must live in peace and unite in love.”
Believe in the promise of rainbows above.

We have to rise above the news of the day,
move ourselves towards a far better way,
eliminate the fighting, the killing, and wars,
reach beyond this petty settling of scores.

All folks have so much in common.
There is no need for all this drama.
We must work together from this day forward.
Envision a collective utopia to move toward.

I’m calling out to God and to humanity.
My heart cries out to question this insanity.
When will the cycles of violence cease?
When will we all get to live in peace?

What I long so deeply in my heart for
is not another possession for my drawers—
no, nothing at all that’s bigger and fancier—
merely that these questions receive an answer.

Poems from the book Poet Loiterer



I’m staring at the faces on the wall.
In their eyes I see hope that glimmers—
a hope that in me has faded.

One day older I’m growing jaded.
Maybe they’ll be able to do it better—
make the dream seem less like a fable.

In the meanwhile I sit here, swaying to older tunes,
romanticizing a past that I haven’t even seen.

Poems from the book Poet Loiterer


Fighting is not my natural state.
I’m not prone to starting debates.
Peace is a deeply held conviction.

Lovingkindness is my predilection.
I’m very apt to seek compromise.
Avoiding war seems far more wise.

I don’t care who’s right or wrong.
I’d rather sit here and sing a song.
We can all agree to disagree.
Strike a truce so we can be free.

Surrender to our better nature.
Aim higher than the legislature.
Build humanity’s sanctuary.
Only fight for justice is necessary.

Poems from the book Poet Loiterer

This poem, “Poetic Timing” is about inspiration and the inconvenient timing of my muse appears in the book Poet Loiterer and is one of my favorites to read at open mics.

Poetic Timing

Poetry never comes at a convenient time.
It shows up in the shower as a silly rhyme.
It reveals itself to me when I’m hiking around.
It comes to me at services when I’m making prayerful sounds.
It weaves its way into my psyche when I’m driving in the country.
It interrupts conversations and it demands to be heard,
but when I sit with pen and paper, it never says a word!

Poems from the book Poet Loiterer Poetry

Thank you, Marin County Fair, for awarding this poem 3rd place in Any Other Poetry!

(My favorite poem I’ve ever written, “Headline Antidote” also received 5th place in this category!)

From Unity To Community

In a twirling rainbow of humanity,

love surrounded hate’s insanity.


Working together for utopia now.

Can’t wait any longer, anyhow.


Mind’s eye filled with vision.


Feet springing into action,

dancing toward tomorrow,

with songs of joyous unison.


Plant the seeds of peace

in holy soils ripe for flowers.

County Fair Winners Poems from the book Poet Loiterer Poetry

Thank you, Marin County Fair for awarding this poem 2nd place in Fair Themed Poetry!




I spent hours hiking to renew my soul,

seeking freedom from traffic jams.

Tonight I did not perform,

but I don’t feel forlorn.


I wandered the county fair,

rode the wheel up in the air

as a microcosm of America

in Spanish and English, smiling

at each other—what fun!


Flying high in a gondola,

in the sweet summer sun.

Viewing the pathways to joy,

admiring local art awards,

hiding from the scorching heat,

I saw the sign of my future

on a passing shirt.


It said: “No mistakes. Just happy accidents!”

County Fair Winners Poems from the book Poet Loiterer Poetry