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    From Unity to Community

    Thank you, Marin County Fair, for awarding this poem 3rd place in Any Other Poetry! (My favorite poem I’ve ever written, “Headline Antidote” also received 5th place in this category!) From Unity To Community In a twirling rainbow of humanity, love surrounded hate’s insanity.   Working together for utopia now. Can’t wait any longer, anyhow.   Mind’s eye filled with vision.   Feet springing into action, dancing toward tomorrow, with songs of joyous unison.   Plant the seeds of peace in holy soils ripe for flowers.

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    Thank you, Marin County Fair for awarding this poem 2nd place in Fair Themed Poetry!   Fair   I spent hours hiking to renew my soul, seeking freedom from traffic jams. Tonight I did not perform, but I don’t feel forlorn.   I wandered the county fair, rode the wheel up in the air as a microcosm of America in Spanish and English, smiling at each other—what fun!   Flying high in a gondola, in the sweet summer sun. Viewing the pathways to joy, admiring local art awards, hiding from the scorching heat, I saw the sign of my future on a passing shirt.   It said: “No mistakes. Just…

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    Headline Antidote

    “Headline Antidote” is my favorite poem that I have ever written, and is published in the book, Poet Loiterer. It is an attempt to answer the question what can regular folks do in a painful world with so many negative headlines except to be a rebel in favor of goodness. It’s one of my favorites to perform, and I have at many places, including at the Vallejo Man March on March 12, 2016, and the 2nd Rodef Sholom Beit Cafe in December 2015. “Headline Antidote” also won 5th place in Any Other Poetry at the 2016 Marin County Fair. Headline Antidote Be a rebel for righteousness, a leader for love,…

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    To Get Free – 2015 Solano County Fair Best of Show in Poetry

    This poem won 1st place for unpublished poetry and took Best of Show for poetry at the Solano County Fair in 2015. It is now the first poem in my latest book, Poet Loiterer. To Get Free C’mon, baby, hit the reset button on your soul. Do what you love, and not what you’re told. If you want to get free, you gotta save your own soul. Fall into the joy. Fall into the flow. Once you found it, don’t ever let it go. Let go of those troubles that weigh in your heart. Ain’t nobody going to hate you for doing your art. You gotta know what they see…