Bovine in Orbit – Best in Class Haiku

Thank you to the 2019 Marin County Fair for awarding the following haiku Best in Class for Moonscapes Haiku: Bovine in Orbit Many moons ago during lunar bovine flight ate moon pies. No fork.

Summer is in the Air

Summer is in the Air The sun is out. It’s time to play.  Come out! Come out!  Summer’s here today! The flowers and trees are in full bloom. Vacation time means there’s more room for endless hours of rest and relaxation, or perhaps, a new hobby’s dedication. From coast to coast the children play, splashing […]

The Spaces That Whisper Home

The Spaces that Whisper Home I gaze out my balcony at terra cotta tiles underneath the watchful stance of Orion. I reminisce with a smile, for these are the same style as my grandparents’ house thousands of miles away in Germany. By the waterfront I oft arrive to roam, watching the ferries as they float […]

Our Celestial Dance

I wrote this poem for Why Poetry? the Joel Fallon Scholarship Fundraiser, and performed it on April 24, 2019 in Benicia, California. Our Celestial Dance Art is the sunshine that nourishes our souls, breathing wonder into the mundane. Poetry is our home planet, birthing a thousand moons that orbit in a celestial dance, and we […]

A Blessing for the Women who Pray with their Feet

I lead the gathering at the 2019 Vallejo Women’s March Summit “Women Building Vallejo” in a call and response invocation where those gathered said “We March!” each time it appears in the piece. These are the 10 stanzas I decided to use out of what was a 36 stanza poem. I’ll put the rest in […]

Winter Holiday Poems

I wrote these and performed them at Voices of the Season at the McCune in the JFK Library, and Hanukkah & Hilarity, respectively. Voices of the Season We are but a handful of voices this season among a sparkling chorus of many reasons to add a little more light to the winter chill, spreading peace […]