• Diana Lang reading at Alameda County Fair
    County Fair Winners,  Poems from the book Dragonfly Tomorrows & Dog-eared Yesterdays

    Expectations of a Future – Alameda County Fair

    This year was my first time entering the Alameda County Fair. They treat their poets really well there. Each exhibiting poet was invited to read their poem or poems at the fair. If you’re a poet in the bay area, I’d highly recommend entering next year. The fair was loads of fun, too! My poem, “Expectations of a Future” is on display ther until July 9th, so if you can make it to Pleasanton, go check it out. It won a Silver Award rosette. I uploaded a video of my reading to my Youtube. Expectations of a Future We are but overgrown children, souls colliding, trained in a time that…

  • Oklahoma Poems,  Poems from the book Dragonfly Tomorrows & Dog-eared Yesterdays

    Blanton-Kiowa Line

    Blanton-Kiowa Line From Blanton up to Kiowa ran the Santa Fe, her whistles lay silent to this very day. It all started in 1902 by the DE&G, stretching across the land just as far as you could see. Passing through the towns that dotted the Great Plains, she carried many a man and grain, transporting stories of love and pain, even running up those Great Salt Plains. For ninety odd years, her tracks, they sang as the street crossing bells, so sweetly they rang, where the Rock Island line once met the Santa Fe, greeting passengers as they went on their way. Bought up by K&E back in 1997, this…