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“Cabinet Construction” is a poem about political corruption and cronyism in government. Although I did have a certain political figure in mind upon writing, feel absolutely free to apply it to your favorite corrupt politician, as one person certainly holds no monopoly in that area.

“Cabinet Construction” won a 2nd place red ribbon in “Presidental Politics” at the 2017 Marin County Fair. It appears in the book Armor Against the Dawn. My gratitude to the creative writing judges at the Marin County Fair! Two other poems from this book won ribbons as well. Go read all the county fair winners both past and present by visiting the County Fair Winners category on the blog.

Cabinet Construction

In building his cabinet,
he has hired
not skilled craftsmen,
nor carpenters,
but, a demolition crew.

This cabinet
is not a food pantry,
but it is sure to have rats
scampering within.


County Fair Winners Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn

“Fine China” by D.L. Lang won 3rd place in Any other Poetry at the 2017 Marin County Fair. “Fine China” is a metaphor for living life to the fullest, and is one of my favorites of my own poetry. It appears in the 2016 book Armor Against the Dawn. I also won a second place red ribbon in that same category for another poem that appears in that book entitled “Generations.” My sincerest gratitude to the Marin County Fair!

Fine China

Do not place me inside bubble wrap,
for even though I am
intricately, colorfully designed,
made of cool ceramics,

I am filled with hot cocoa,
overflowing with marshmallows
and gobs of cream—
forget your diet!

Destiny is meant to be savored
until the very last drop
and not
preserved like a museum piece,
examined and gawked at
collecting dust
with no use.

No, I’d rather be in a thrift shop,
guaranteed many lives,
possibly cracked,
stained, and worn,
having met many
than preserved,
safe, and knowing none.

County Fair Winners Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn

On Waiting

When Amalek
is President-Elect
“wait and see”
ain’t good enough
for you and me.

Street Prophets

I was out among the street prophets,
yelling about repentance,
so the next generation
can have a happy ending.

What I Thought Was America

What I thought was America
is gasping for air.

What I thought was America
will no longer be there.

What I thought was America
was usurped by those who don’t care.

What I thought was America
has left me with a blank eyed stare.

What I thought was America
came from dusty old scrolls,
written by revolutionaries,
only to be taken by trolls.

Unreal, America 

Identity politics is one confusing stew.
What part of me do you want me to remain loyal to?

The hardworking German immigrant who got injured on the job?
The moral hippie pacifist who refuses to harm or rob?

The kid who was raised Christian but whose soul is a loving Jew?
The working class southern raised American?

The long line of warriors running through my DNA,
the rebels and the patriots,
who sought a better day?

The peaceful spiritual warrior who stands before you today?

In this new haunting paradigm, what do you expect folks to do,
if we get betrayed by the red, white, and blue?

Absolutely, be proud of who you are,
your heritage, your faith,
and to thine own self be true,
but allow everyone else to do that, too.

They have no right to harm me or you.
So speak out for love and justice.
That is what you must do.
For that is the true nature of this red, white, and blue.

Scream it from the rooftops, “I belong here, too!”

Holding On

Spreading sage
to cleanse us all
as we enter a new age.

We are here to meditate
and stop the hate
before it’s too late.

We gave our love to the earth,
hugged each other for all we’re worth,
and sang out notes from the depths of our souls,
crying out for peace.



I’ve got nothing nice to say
about a man endorsed by the KKK.
Your votes threw me under the bus
for your own economic gain.

Maybe you ain’t racist, you say,
so prove it, and stand up against hate.
This vile rhetoric you enabled
will only further divide our states.

Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn Poetry


May this country rise above its divisions, act out of love and not hatred, and may goodness, kindness, and fairness prevail.

May we stick together and keep each other safe from harm.

May we act out, peacefully, in protest of hatred. 

May our nation survive and act on her ideals of equality, liberty, justice, freedom, and be a nation of the people—a nation of kind people, moral people, and non-violent people.

May we cease to insult each other, remember each other’s humanity in spite of apparent differences, and remember how to talk to each other without resorting to stereotypes put there by others.


Endangered species—Act!
To my fellow afraid citizens.

To my fellow endangered humans.

To those who are despised for their mere existence.

You must find the courage to be active and resist this.
Rebellion for rebellion’s sake is chaos.

Rebellion for morality’s sake is justice.
Obedience for morality’s sake is required.

Obedience without question is cowardice.
We have been given no choice but to fight.

Though respect your neighbor who chooses flight.
Do not become the worst of your enemy’s traits,

but neither should you lie down without dignity.
We have been declared enemies

by those who seek selfishly

to only have a better world

for themselves,

and not for all others.
They have confused

self-love for selfishness,

personal pride for bigotry,

resistance for disorder,

patriotism for blind loyalty.
If this should be my final words,

remember them,

and I shall not have existed for naught.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn Poetry

Muddy Boots, Mirrored Lakes

A vineyard is just a fancy word for grape farm.
The grass is green.
The leaves are yellow.
The rain has fallen.
The turkeys are perched high on fence posts like guardians.

It’s a good day for hiking.
Just south of the roaring highway.
Strolling softly as birds join in joyful conversations.
I hurry not as the trucks do.
I’ve got nowhere and no one to be.
Here among the hills, I am free.

Watch a video of this poem by clicking here.

Nature Poems Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn Poetry

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has declared Oct 13th Oil Field Prayer Day. Seriously.

The Church of Holy Crude

The governor of my former home state
has asked us all to pray.

The governor of my former home state
practices a different faith.

The governor of my former home state
has anointed us with oil.

The governor of my former home state
has erected a monument to her god.

On the capitol lawn it watches over us
like a guardian angel
crafted of metal,
as schools lack funding and tornado shelters,
while placing first for fracking earthquakes,
crumbling our family homes,
we know nothing is more sacred.

We listen to her holy prophets,
who worship in the name of profits.

Oh, have we faith in the souls
of the dead dinosaurs
that have come before us,
as we pray our way
towards an equal fate
as lead by the governor
of my former state.


Oklahoma Poems Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn Poetry