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“Peace is…” appears on the album Happy Accidents and the book Look Ma! No Hands! You can stream the poem on Spotify.

Peace is in the middle.
It’s between you and me.
It’s between us and the universe.
It is neither left nor right,
but it’s right not wrong,
solving wrongs long since gone.

It’s the tightrope we walk
between what is needed and wanted
between individual and greater good.
It is how opposing ideas can be both right.

Peace is going with the flow,
but not being afraid to speak up,
to stand up for a better world,
moving slowly towards love
if we all keep moving forward.

Peace is letting yourself be you.
Peace is accepting your duality,
Working on loving your flaws,
and growing your number of strengths.

Peace is not overreacting in anger,
destroying their peace,
but not letting someone run over you,
destroying your own.

Peace is remembering your origins,
but letting where you are teach you,
teach you how to grow into yourself.

Peace is being insightful, not inciteful.
Peace is letting it go and letting it out.
Peace is accepting yourself, not oppressing yourself.
Peace is letting your dreams overcome your fears.
Peace emanates outward in every hug, so hug freely.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Look Ma No Hands

“Peacenik” appears in the book Look Ma! No Hands!

I am a pacifist because I know
what it is like to lose your cousin to war,
what it is like to lose friends over petty arguments,
what it is like to miss your dad now deployed,
what it is like to experience military conformity.

I am a pacifist because I battle
with controlling my own darker side,
with seeing the good in others,
with the being the target of rage.

I am a pacifist because
I believe humankind can do better
than bullets, swords, and bombs,

and maybe the day is close,
when the only necessary arms,
are used for hugs yet to be given,
and feet that once marched to the drums of war
will now only walk hand in hand towards justice.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Look Ma No Hands

We Never Build Just One

When will we stop the invention
of new methods of destruction?
Will brilliant minds now cease
to work on anything but peace?
Is the purpose of your education
to engineer world devolution?

Were you sitting there in math
thinking weaponry was your path?
Was your goal as an engineer
to make peoples cower in fear?

I understand the concept of defense,
but meaningless wars make no sense.

For when we set about production
for these weapons of mass destruction,
it’s not like we decide we’ll stop
with one single bomb to drop.

No, there’s no singular form for munitions
for fighting’s become a tradition.

Brave young men and women sign
their lives on the dotted line,
to be a part of something
bigger in these tumultuous times.

No, it’s never just one lost life,
not just that of a soldier that dies,
but the heartbreak of their spouse.
The loss thunders through the house.
For the children who lose a parent,
the immeasurable toll is quite apparent.

The innocent are never shielded
from the potential of violence.
Pain ripples through families and destroys.
These bombs and guns are not toys.
Yet war is a profitable enterprise
whose deadly cost you can’t disguise.

Why can’t we look at each other’s eyes
to see our souls longing desires?
Instead we build and we collect
firepower while real needs we neglect.

My hope is one day we’ll
set aside more money for peaceful means,
than is ever needed for a fight.
Wouldn’t that be a real sight?

Then these same minds can serve
in a manner where life’s preserved,
but until that day I hope and pray
that there’ll be a world still left to save.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Poet Loiterer

Unnatural Selection / Do you Feel a Draft?

Do you feel a draft?

There is a draft passing through the house,
sweeping up all the women in the name of fairness
for since 1947 all the men have had
to purchase green camo sweaters.

You can call me naive
just as much as you please
for what I believe
is that love and peace
is the only way to heal this world.

You say it’s for equality and progress
that you’ll draft both men and women
clad in the uniforms of warriors
to be sent to be the destroyers
of other men and women.

There is a draft passing through the house
which will leave poor families to freeze.

There is a draft passing through the house,
revealing holes in the walls we build
between each other during a time
of endless war.

There is a draft passing through the house,
indiscriminately, bringing a chill to free people
who believe not all were meant to be soldiers.

You can call me daft
when I choose to use my craft
to speak against an unjust draft
passed by those beginning wars as they laughed.

Let those go and fight
who choose freely to endure such a plight
for one should have the right
to choose peace over war
if their heart speaks against it with a roar.

Let those who freely choose
bravely pay such often hefty dues,
but when they return you best treat them right,
because not all of us were meant to fight.

There is a draft passing through the house
sweeping up my generation,
leaving us subject to the whims
of the leaders of our nation,
when current volunteers
are returning home
to injury and frustration,
if returning home at all.

Now you call it a selection,
put into place by the elections,
leaving no choice for my generation
but to object with demonstration.

Do you even understand the frustration
when our youth looks at other nations
who fully fund higher education
while we choose to fund destruction?

There is a draft, passing through the house
that if ever enacted will threaten
future generations by wiping out
the healthy who might otherwise
birth and care for the next genius
meant to cure the ills of the world
instead of bombing it.

This endless cycle of revenge—
oh, when is it going to end?
I ain’t against real self defense,
but these battles seem to never end.
It’s always us versus them,
and back around again.

Can we end these calls for war?
If not, then maybe I’ve forgot,
what it is we’re really fighting for.

I hope such things are merely registration,
and not the inaugral structures of endless war for our nation.

There is a draft passing through the house
and it’s time that we the people
add insulation for our future generations
and instead build up the structures of peace.

When, oh, when will this world choose peace?

Peace Poems Poems from the book Barefoot in the Sanctuary


May this country rise above its divisions, act out of love and not hatred, and may goodness, kindness, and fairness prevail.

May we stick together and keep each other safe from harm.

May we act out, peacefully, in protest of hatred. 

May our nation survive and act on her ideals of equality, liberty, justice, freedom, and be a nation of the people—a nation of kind people, moral people, and non-violent people.

May we cease to insult each other, remember each other’s humanity in spite of apparent differences, and remember how to talk to each other without resorting to stereotypes put there by others.


Endangered species—Act!
To my fellow afraid citizens.

To my fellow endangered humans.

To those who are despised for their mere existence.

You must find the courage to be active and resist this.
Rebellion for rebellion’s sake is chaos.

Rebellion for morality’s sake is justice.
Obedience for morality’s sake is required.

Obedience without question is cowardice.
We have been given no choice but to fight.

Though respect your neighbor who chooses flight.
Do not become the worst of your enemy’s traits,

but neither should you lie down without dignity.
We have been declared enemies

by those who seek selfishly

to only have a better world

for themselves,

and not for all others.
They have confused

self-love for selfishness,

personal pride for bigotry,

resistance for disorder,

patriotism for blind loyalty.
If this should be my final words,

remember them,

and I shall not have existed for naught.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Armor Against the Dawn Poetry

In honor of the International Day of Peace, making a special post for this.
I wrote these words as part of my contribution to La Familia:

Peace will come the day we forget how to drop the bombs or make the guns,
When we get along underneath the same old sun,
Singing songs in holy unison no matter where we’re from,
Yes, peace will come. Peace will come. Pray before the day is done.

My friend, Fred Ross-Perry was inspired by them and expanded it into these lyrics, and the song:

Peace will come, and it won’t be long
When we forget how to drop the bombs
When we forget how to make the guns
That’s when peace will come

Peace will come when we get along
When we get along underneath the sun
All together under that same old sun
That’s when peace will come

Peace will come when we’re singing songs
Singing in holy unison
Singing no matter where we’re from
That’s when peace will come

Yes, Peace will come, and it won’t be long
We’ll help each other to be strong
And we’ll work until the day is done,
That’s when peace will come.

Peace Poems Poetry

I joined a group of about 20 menschy folks from my synagogue as part of the #wearorange march across the Golden Gate Bridge, protesting against gun violence. This is the poem that it inspired.

D.L. Lang wearing orange

Souls Aflame

It is good to march.
To keep your spirit charged.
And so here we are.
We pursuers of peace
with our souls on fire
for the kinder world we desire.

A sea of orange drifting
across our Golden Gate
unified marching
against violence and hate.

A passionate parade of protesting people
gliding across the bay
galvanized against
the glorification of guns.

Chanting clad in electric orange
men, women and children
who fight and who mourn
for those lost too soon
to this culture of death.

We spring into action
in their memory.
We are the voices longing to be free
to live in a world of peace.

No longer shall we remain silent
when it comes to the tragedy
of gun violence.

Surrounded by moms and mensches,
igniting our souls,
raising our consciousness
towards holy goals.

Bicycles and tourists we dodge.
10,000 holy steps towards a good cause.
Returning the greetings of friendly cars
whose horns ring out as if to say,
“May your message go far
and may change come today.”

Five golden miles
across county lines
we flowed with peaceful smiles,
praying for change
with every step.

We march through the fog and cold,
declaring a single life is superior to all the gold
cashed in from all the guns ever sold.

The bridge is ignited
fluorescent by our collective light
urging our government to do what is right,
as we refuse to give up the fight
for a better world.

Marching towards that day
when a weapon is no longer what humanity needs
and we shall all live in peace.
Soon. God willing. Soon.

Until that day good hearts
must step up to lead
this nation to be sensible about guns
instead of giving in to fear and greed.

Peace Poems Poems from the book Barefoot in the Sanctuary Poetry