Forest Whisperings

This poem won 1st Place in Explore California State Parks at the Alameda County Fair 2019. Forest Whisperings The forest,she is calling me. It’s been too long since I’ve wandered her beautiful winding pathways, climbed her mountains just for a gaze of beauty so intense no poem nor photo does justice, admired the way the […]

Flyaway Festival Bird Poems

  I read both of these poems at the Flyaway Festival on Mare Island on February 11, 2018. Spring in the City Above the rush of the highway, I hear them singing— nestled in trees, relaxing. The birds have returned from journeys afar, carrying melodies, announcing: “It is spring. It is spring. Won’t you join […]


It was truly an honor to be able to share this poem today at Artiszen for the group of visionary, world-changing activists, architects, and environmentalists gathered there for Resilient by Design. Listen! Listen! Do you hear that? Our Mother, she is calling. She weeps with a broken heart. She begs for her children to treat […]

Muddy Boots, Mirrored Lakes

Muddy Boots, Mirrored Lakes A vineyard is just a fancy word for grape farm. The grass is green. The leaves are yellow. The rain has fallen. The turkeys are perched high on fence posts like guardians. It’s a good day for hiking. Just south of the roaring highway. Strolling softly as birds join in joyful […]