Elegant Stag

Inspired by “Elegant Stag” by Tracy Cullen Written and performed for Arts Benicia “Art of a Community” on February 24, 2018 Elegant Stag I once was a deer. Now it appears, I'm part chandelier. How, oh, how did I ever get here? Two lifetimes ago, I enjoyed the finer … Continue reading


Inspired by the painting “Players” by Marcy Orendorff Written and performed for the Arts Benicia “Art of a Community” on February 24, 2018 Players The rest of the world seemed to fade away, as the room elevated into the heavens. Upon their melodies they would float, two … Continue reading
Unbound Coal Shed

Unbound – Coal Shed Studios Book Arts

It was my pleasure to write this poem for the Coal Shed Studios Book Arts Show. I read it there on 9.9.17. Watch the video. “Unbound” Ignoring the binding that once anchored them into cold, rational paragraphs, the books were now free to become art, to evolve beyond the … Continue reading
Dreaming of better days

Dreaming of Better Days

Ekphrastic poetry inspired by Kathy Oja's painting "Dreaming of Better Days." Dreaming of Better Days On the day her true love came to stay, it was just like any other spring day. The flowers bloomed in their rainbow, as the birds put on a choral show. On her way to school down many a … Continue reading

Little Watercraft

Little Watercraft She's not a mighty aircraft carrier, nor the giant train ferry of old, but she's a fine little boat who sails these waters cold. She ain't a spiffy luxury yacht, nor energetic motor boat, but she'll give it all she's got, so joyously we shall float. She'll never fight in a … Continue reading