Sally a poem about my pet poodle


I wrote about my first dog, Sally, specifically in order to enter the 2017 Marin County Fair's "My Pet" creative writing category. It received a third place ribbon. My gratitude and thanks to the judges! Read all the county fair winning poetry both past and present by visiting the County Fair … Continue reading
Diana Lang reading at Alameda County Fair

Expectations of a Future – Alameda County Fair

This year was my first time entering the Alameda County Fair. They treat their poets really well there. Each exhibiting poet was invited to read their poem or poems at the fair. If you're a poet in the bay area, I'd highly recommend entering next year. The fair was loads of fun, too! My poem, … Continue reading
D.L. Lang at Solano County Fair

Generation Awake!

In 2015, the Solano County Fair awarded this poem 2nd place in its Published Poetry category. So, for a throwback in the spirit of county fair season, I decided to share. Generation Awake! Generation awake! Open your glazed eyes.   March towards peace. Work towards … Continue reading

From Unity to Community

Thank you, Marin County Fair, for awarding this poem 3rd place in Any Other Poetry! (My favorite poem I've ever written, "Headline Antidote" also received 5th place in this category!) From Unity To Community In a twirling rainbow of humanity, love surrounded hate's insanity.   Working together … Continue reading