Waterfront Observations

Dragonfly Tomorrows and Dog-eared Yesterdays

Waterfront Observations On the waterfront flags are wavin’. Flags from every state in the nation just saying hello to the folks on vacation. Workers head off to their vocations, as fishermen reel up their crustaceans, and families spend time in relaxation. Joggers pause for some hydration. Diners drink up their sweet libations. Travelers get a … Read moreWaterfront Observations


D.L. Lang Poet Laureate

I recited this poem, “Visions,” at the 10.10.17 Vallejo City Council meeting where I was officially proclaimed and appointed the 2017-2019 Vallejo Poet Laureate. Visions by D.L. Lang No photo can quite capture this moment’s true beauty, for moments, like all people, were meant to be free.   Words, they fail to pinpoint just what … Read moreVisions

Headline Antidote

“Headline Antidote” is my favorite poem that I have ever written, and is published in the book, Poet Loiterer. It is an attempt to answer the question what can regular folks do in a painful world with so many negative headlines except to be a rebel in favor of goodness. It’s one of my favorites … Read moreHeadline Antidote