D.L. Lang Poet Laureate



I recited this poem, “Visions,” at the 10.10.17 Vallejo City Council meeting where I was officially proclaimed and appointed the 2017-2019 Vallejo Poet Laureate. Visions […]


Vallejo, California


Vallejo, California by D.L. Lang  Vallejo, she greets you with promises of opportunity, where frothy waves kiss the highway, as the seagulls soar above the […]

Headline Antidote


“Headline Antidote” is my favorite poem that I have ever written, and is published in the book, Poet Loiterer. It is an attempt to answer […]

look ma no hands

Parked on the Bay


Parked on the Bay We found the best parking spot in the universe. on the edge of the bay in Berkeley. The sunlight glistens across […]