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    Penguin’s Prayer

    Today Lee Lee, Erika, Diana Tenes, Lady D and I went on the Art Beat show on OZCAT for what shall be the first of many poetry radio shows. The next poetry show will be broadcast at 10 AM Pacific on April 5th featuring Benicia Poet Laureate Johanna Ely and several other Benicia Poets. Future shows will be May 3, June 28, and third Thursdays thereafter. If you are on a computer with Internet Explorer, you can listen to the archive here. The poetry starts about 30 minutes into the broadcast. I read “Penguin’s Prayer” along with “Headline Antidote.” Penguin’s Prayer Over caffeinated insomniacs, dreaming, dancing prayers, singing prophets, jiving…

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    Oklahoma Poems,  Poems from the book Abundant Sparks & Personal Archeology,  Poetry

    Dining with your Skeleton, an Enid, Oklahoma poem

    If you grew up in Enid, Oklahoma as I did, and have studied the town’s history, mythology, and artists, you’ll understand the cultural references in this poem that appears in Abundant Sparks & Personal Archeology. This poem also appears on the spoken word album Happy Accidents recorded in Enid in March 2015. (This is a repost, as I noticed there was a broken link on the old post.) Dining with your Skeleton From the sweet simplicity of wooden sidewalks of yore Words intricately woven by that judicious James Your sweet wheat blows Through the fields where dreamers lay. The gentle serenade of Hedges Waltzes with the soulful Mitchell, carrying me…

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    Peace Poems,  Poems from the book Abundant Sparks & Personal Archeology,  Poetry


    Today’s prompt was to write a poem of lies. Yes, these are all, unfortunately lies, but oh, what a world if true. Plowshares I awoke this beautiful morning to witness an amazing sight. The nations have laid down their arms. Their peoples will no longer fight. The evil dictator tyrants died of heart attacks, mysteriously overnight. The swords have been beaten to plowshares. The guns, museum pieces now. The nukes have been dismantled. The tanks have rusted down. Estranged lovers and parents with children long since left, now embrace their differences, and hold tight to each others breast. On this day no innocents died. The children are all healthy. On…