Poetic Deficits

poems from armor against the dawn

Poetic Deficits Poems are like vitamins.  Most effective if consumed daily.  Most people are deficient. Congratulations, you’ve met your minimum daily allowance! No ratings yet. Please rate this post Sample rating item


poems from id biscuits

Words We each carry two bags of words. One is heavier than the other. Each bag is mixed of good and evil. Each bag is worn and broken. New tears appear daily in them both. The heavy words slip out with a thud. The lighter ones fly without forethought. Sometimes, we release them, intentionally, meaningfully. … Read moreWords

Penguin Season Blues

poems from Poet Loiterer

Penguin Season Blues Ah, winter, you snuck up upon me, and I am not too thrilled. I’m sitting under a blanket fort and feeling rather chilled. I’m having to remember to launder all my sweaters, because you took me by surprise with your icy weather. Seven layers of clothing–it just doesn’t seem enough. I’m sitting … Read morePenguin Season Blues