In the Dark of the Bay

In the Dark of the Bay

This October we don air masks instead of Halloween masks. We miss fresh air amid the smell of gas and smoke. Holiday lights are now hallway lights. We sit radio side by candlelight, hanging on every word of news, praying for those in harms way. Our neighbor’s generator … Continue reading


Get out of the way! Don’t encourage how to say! You can only point the way. The healing will come to stay, forging a path for a brand new day. Each soul knows when they are ready to play. A voice like a lion will have much to say. Written by D.L. Lang at the Bay Area … Continue reading
Labor makes the world go round

Labor Makes the World Go Round

I wrote this poem inspired by an abstract painting for the Ode to Labor event at Vallejo’s Georgia Galleria 419 Georgia St., Suite 10, taking place during Art Walk on September 13th, 2019 at 7 PM. Thank you to Tom Stanton for agreeing to read it. The poems and paintings for a Labor Day theme … Continue reading
Alameda County Fair - Forest Whisperings

Forest Whisperings

This poem won 1st Place in Explore California State Parks at the Alameda County Fair 2019. Forest Whisperings The forest,she is calling me. It’s been too long since I’ve wandered her beautiful winding pathways, climbed her mountains just for a gaze of beauty so intense no poem nor photo … Continue reading
The Cafe of Dreams

Laugh With Me – 3rd Place Haiku

Thank you to the 2019 Marin County Fair for awarding a third place ribbon in Any Other Haiku to “Laugh With Me” which appears in my 2018 book The Cafe of Dreams. Laugh With Me Laughing woodpecker. Uncooperative tree. I, too, must … Continue reading