Tea & Sprockets

Tea & Sprockets
Genre: Poetry
Publication Year: 2011
Length: 150 pages
ASIN: 1467900370
ISBN: 1467900370
Tea & Sprockets is D.L. Lang's debut poetry book. This collection spans 15 years of work, encompassing poems from 1995 to 2010. Across the 106 selected poems, Lang weaves together themes of love and friendship, death and loss, war and peace.
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Reviews of Tea & Sprockets:

Tea and Sprockets is honest. The poems speak of isolation, of feeling different from one’s peers, of living in a time of perpetual war. However, Tea and Sprockets also speaks of enduring love, hope and a longing for peace within the poet and for the entire world. Thank you for giving your work to the world, D.L. Lang. That, itself, is a great act of peace. – Amy Gioletti, Author of the poetry collection Woman Bone

Dinah said the thoughts in her poems echoed throughout her soul until finding their way into this book. By the end, they were echoing throughout my soul. – Gary Thaller

The poems are robust, well crafted and pull the reader into the web of the author’s imagination and emotion all the while leaving room for the reader to interpret to suit. Those concerning losses especially spoke to me but there were many others that explored the joy of life that were just as moving. – Karen Bryant Doering

D.L. Lang writes with clarity, wit and meaning. Totally worth the price of admission, just don’t let the little Kindle light keep you up at night reading it. – Ed Zimmerman

Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book is a soulful collection of over a hundred poems that will make you laugh, make you think, and leave you breathless. If you’re a lifelong fan of poetry or just looking for a good place to get started, this book is for you! — The Kindle Fire Department


Tea & Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book is a contemporary poetry collection by modern American poet D.L. Lang. This 150 page single author anthology spans 15 years of work encompassing poems from 1995 to 2010. Across the 106 selected poems, Lang weaves together themes of love and friendship, death and loss, war and peace.

The spiritual and the mundane are life’s tea and sprockets. It was always a dream of mine to publish a poetry book. I’ve been writing poetry since I was 11 years old. The two oldest poems in this book are “Surf Clown” and “The Outsider.” It’s so awesome to be able to share my work with you, so please enjoy the journey!

To me, poetry is a coping mechanism, spiritual journey, humorous observation, and linguistic exploration, but what it truly is: my soul on a page. The mystery of poetry is that the reader never truly knows what the writer was thinking, so it takes on a meaning of its own to each person who reads it and relates, or not, to it.

I am an avid tea drinker. If you drink a cup of hot tea, you are forced to slow down and appreciate the tea. It is almost a meditative process. Poetry can have a similar contemplative quality about it. But then there’s the sprockets: the every day routine where your mind is constantly churning and the world is constantly turning. You can read poetry in this way as well translated into music or film there is a speedy quality. When I write sometimes the poetry is a direct flowing of my soul so fast that my pen cannot keep up: that is the sprockets. Other times, this is the result of meditation on a theme or word–there’s your tea.

Previous editions:

ISBN: 978-1-4524-3767-5 (Smashwords distributed ebook)
ASIN: B002SBA01S (Kindle ebook)
ISBN: 978-1-62209-685-5 (2013 Kindle edition)

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