The Fourth Evolution Poetry Series

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The Fourth Evolution Poetry Series

The Fourth Evolution: The Collected Works of D.L. Lang contains my first 8 books in two ebooks.

Two ebooks. Four books per set.
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About the Book

The Fourth Evolution: The Collected Works of D.L. Lang

Now available for pre-order!

Kindle ebook released on October 18, 2017.
4 books per ebook. $4.99 Volume 1, $9.99 Volume 2

1000 pages of poetry.

Currently, these two compilations are only available exclusively as a Kindle eBook.

It will be released October 18, 2017. You may pre-order. At this time a multi-book paperback is too much of an undertaking for me, but it will eventually be a reality. I merely copy/pasted the manuscripts and removed the page numbers, so other than the front matter these are exactly the same as my paperback versions.

I prefer publishing paperbacks, as they are less likely to be pirated, but I am now offering these compilation ebooks because holding up a book is physically difficult for me, and I am likely not the only one who prefers reading ebooks due to their accessibility factor.

At $.9.99 per ebook this means you get each of my books at a 75% discount to the individual  paperback cost.

If you like political poetry or have heard me perform in the past two years get Volume 2, because you’ll recognize these.

If you want to read my first four books containing a lot of childhood archives, get Volume 1.

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The Fourth Evolution The Collected Works of D.L. Lang poetry ebook
Books featured within The Fourth Evolution:

Volume One (1993-2015):

  • Tea & Sprockets, 2011
  • Abundant Sparks, 2013
  • Personal Archeology, 2013
  • Look Ma! No Hands!, 2015

The Fourth Evolution The Collected Works of D.L. Lang ebook available for pre-order

Volume Two (2015-2016):

  • Poet Loiterer, 2016
  • Id Biscuits, 2016
  • Barefoot in the Sanctuary, 2016
  • Armor Against the Dawn, 2016

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Buy from Amazon Kindle
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