Services offered:

  • write a poem to order
  • perform a set of poetry at your event
  • serve as a judge of performance or writing
  • host an in person poetry open mic

Schedule a poetry reading by D.L. Lang

At this time I am booking virtual appearances only due to the pandemic.

To schedule an appearance, I need you to provide the following information:

  • how long of a set you’d like me to perform (for example, just one poem or a set lasting a specific number of minutes)
  • if there is a specific theme to the event
  • time and date of the event
  • the address of the venue or how to access the online event

Honorariums and book sales:

  • the amount of honorarium to cover travel costs (if applicable)
  • if I am allowed to sell books at the event or not
  • if your venue takes a percentage of book sales
  • If you require a specific number of books to be available for sale at your event, please note that I need at least two weeks notice to allow time for ordering.

Responsibilities of the venue:

If you’d like me to read longer than 5-10 minutes at in person events, for accessibility reasons, the venue or hosting organization must provide:

  • a podium or music stand
  • a mic stand and PA system

Please do not ask me to bring food or help plan your event. I also do not own a sound system.

If you would like me to feature at your poetry event, please feel free to send me an email at

poetryebook @