I have won the following awards for my poetry. No prestigious literary prizes yet, but I consistently do well at bay area county fairs, and enjoy competing in them.

Diana Lang at Solano County Fair
Solano County Fair, 2015
Best of Show in Poetry

Solano County Fair
• “To Get Free”, Best of Show rosette and First Place in Unpublished Poetry, 2015
• “Generation Awake!”, Second Place in Published Poetry, 2015
• “Master of Peace”, Reserve Best of Show rosette and First Place in Published Poetry, 2016
•“Generations,” Reserve Best of Show rosette and First Place in Published Poetry, 2017


blue ribbon award winners
D.L. Lang at Marin County Fair

Marin County Fair

• “The Sixties”, First Place in Flashback to the 60’s Poetry, 2017
• “Lift Off!”, First Place in Fair Themed Poetry, 2017
• “Generations”, Second Place in Any other Poetry, 2017
• “Street Mouse”, Second Place in Any other Haiku, 2017
• “Cabinet Construction”, Second Place in Presidential Politics, 2017
• “Sally”, Third Place in My Pet, 2017
• “Fine China”, Third Place in Any other Poetry, 2017
• “Fair”, 2nd place in Fair Themed Poetry, 2016
• “Marin Is…”, 3rd place in Marvelous Marin, 2016
• “From Unity to Community”, 3rd place in Any Other Poetry, 2016
• “Headline Antidote”, 5th place in Any Other Poetry, 2016

Alameda County Fair
• “Expectations of a Future”, Silver Award rosette, 2017

Please click to read all the award-winning poems.

D.L. Lang
Alameda County Fair, Silver Award for Poetry

I won the following awards for my film and television projects:

PEGASYS Video Fest
• Best Editor, 2002
• Producer of the Year, 2003 and 2004
• 2nd place in Entertainment for Grey: The Rock & Pop Sessions:
Part 3, 2002
• 1st Place in Education for Grey: The Interviews, 2003
• 2nd Place in Education for Access Central TV presents the Bare Bones
International Film Festival, 2003
• 1st Place in Performing Arts for Tea & Sprockets, 2003
• 1st Place in Sports for Liquid Wind, 2004

Bare Bones International Film Festival
• Best Student Music Video for Grey: The Music Videos, 2003
• Best Movie Trailer for Liquid Wind, 2004
• Music Documentary Honorable Mention for Acoustic Grey, 2008

Babelgum Music Video Awards
• Semi-Finalist, fire Zuave, “Colors of the Sun,” 2009

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