poems from id biscuits

Chaiku Whatever you do  you must find what sets you free because that love is key. In 2016 I was trying to write a haiku, but I accidentally included 18 syllables, so I called it Chaiku, since chai is 18 in Hebrew. No ratings yet. Please rate this post Sample rating item


poems from Poet Loiterer

Seasons This leaf, this leaf, a gentle crimson. This leaf, a feather floating soared. This leaf, dancing downward flew. This leaf, I caught as I sat, this leaf. This leaf, twirling in the fall down. That bird, that bird, a speckled brown. That bird, a soul set wandering. That bird, circling around sky blue. That … Read moreSeasons

Once Upon a Dog

poems from Poet Loiterer

Once Upon A Dog Once upon a dog, there lived a lonely flea. He was busy chewing  like a beaver on a log. The flea kept busy gnawing, until one day dog had enough. His giant paws were tired. scratching was too tough. Dog tried rolling on the carpet. He tried jumping in the mud. … Read moreOnce Upon a Dog

Beyond the Fence

beyond the fence sitting cat

Beyond The Fence Watching, waiting, anticipating. I hear the ticking kitchen clock. A car rolls down the street. I hear its engine stop. I peak through the curtains. I know you cannot see, so I must say I was surprised to find you staring back at me. I’ve seen you walk the streets before, wandering … Read moreBeyond the Fence