D.L. Lang in Pleasanton

Summer is in the Air

Alameda County Fair Poetry Day participants
D.L. Lang performing at Alameda County Fair Poetry Day

Summer is in the Air

The sun is out. It’s time to play. 

Come out! Come out! 

Summer’s here today!

The flowers and trees are in full bloom.

Vacation time means there’s more room

for endless hours of rest and relaxation,

or perhaps, a new hobby’s dedication.

From coast to coast the children play,

splashing in swimming pools all the day.

Frolicking down spiraling water slides,

their smiling faces impossible to hide.

Families flock frequently to county fairs,

dining on delicious fried delicacies there.

Brave souls bound aboard the carnival rides,

around and around, upside down they fly!

People lounge around for picnics in parks,

eating vast amounts of ice cream to start

fending off the summertime sweltering heat

with a traditional something so sweet.

Summertime is in the air, 

and you can do whatever you dare!

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