Poetic Timing

D.L. Lang performing at San Mateo County Fair
2019 San Mateo County Fair Literary Stage

This is one of my favorites to perform, and I have done so from memory at Poetry Out Loud in 2019, Solano County Library Foundation’s Why Poetry event in 2018, and most recently on the San Mateo County fair’s literary stage. It appears in the book Poet Loiterer.

Poetic Timing

Poetry never comes at a convenient time.

It shows up in the shower as a silly rhyme. 

It reveals itself to me 

when I’m hiking around. 

It comes to me at services 

when I’m making prayerful sounds. 

It weaves its way into my psyche 

when I’m driving in the country. 

It interrupts conversations 

and it demands to be heard. 

But when I sit with pen and paper, 

it never says a word.

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