A Blessing for the Women who Pray with their Feet

I lead the gathering at the 2019 Vallejo Women’s March Summit “Women Building Vallejo” in a call and response invocation where those gathered said “We March!” each time it appears in the piece.

These are the 10 stanzas I decided to use out of what was a 36 stanza poem. I’ll put the rest in a future book. It was an honor and a pleasure to be among so many powerful women.

A Blessing for the Women Who Pray 

With Their Feet

by D.L. Lang, Vallejo Poet Laureate

It has gotten so tough

that we mothers, sisters, daughters and wives, 

have declared, “Enough!”

And so we rise to march against the lies,

for we are the women who pray with our feet.

We will cling to hope, and never see defeat!

Until all hatred vanishes from this world,

so that all women are treated with respect

no matter her class or age, 

religion or orientation, national origin or race,

we march!

We women of every faith and every color

from every nation regardless of station

stand together, crying out against this hatred.

While some seek to roll back the clock,

we know there is a better world to be unlocked!

Until all men decide to join with us in solidarity

like those sweet souls who have joined us here today,

recognizing that every human being 

deserves respect and full equality,

not only on paper, but in practice,

we march!

We will build our world on love and justice,

and ladies, now is the time,

for us all to vote, to work, and to pray

for the dawning of this new day!

Until all women are safe from violence,

so that a woman can exist in any space without fear,

we march!

May the loving energy we feel 

as our voices ring out in unison 

bring forth our highest self, 

may it envelope all of our sisters and brothers 

who have gathered here

and echo outwards towards 

those who were unable to join us.

Until no woman goes to bed 

feeling thirsty nor hungry,

nor remains homeless in this or any country,

and healthcare is a necessity guaranteed to all,

we march!

For all these reasons and so many more,

we gather here as sisters

like our brave foremothers did before us

envisioning a brighter future

that we will build for her!

May every step we have taken today 

bring us one step closer to that day!

May this divine energy flowing among us 

grant us the strength to move forward 

without fear,

to keep working towards a better world 

that we know will appear,

and until then, 

we march!


D.L. Lang is the current Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She is the author of ten books, and one spoken word album. Her poems have been published in the Benicia Herald, Jewish Journal, Poets Are Heroes Magazine, the Benicia First Tuesday Poets anthology Light & Shadow, and in A Poet’s Siddur: Friday Evening Liturgy through the Eyes of Poets. Lang has been a featured act at several events including the Vallejo Man March, Unity Day, Solidarity with Charlottesville, and International Peace Day. She is also a regular at Poetry by the Bay and leads the Poetry in Notion poetry circle. She has won ribbons and rosettes at the Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Solano County Fairs. Her poems have been transformed into songs, liturgy, and used as a means to advocate for causes.

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