Winter Holiday Poems

I wrote these and performed them at Voices of the Season at the McCune in the JFK Library, and Hanukkah & Hilarity, respectively.

Voices of the Season

We are but a handful of voices this season

among a sparkling chorus of many reasons

to add a little more light to the winter chill,

spreading peace and love to ease the world’s ills.

For all the many traditional reasons

we choose to come together this season

may all our days be joyous and our blessings grow,

no matter how cold these winter winds blow.

Hanukkiah Lighting

Across the world homes are aglow

as candles flicker in their windows.

They shine out onto the streets,

welcoming every passerby,

as we dine on doughnuts and other treats,

proudly declaring we’ve survived.

We gather in evening twilight

to kindle our sacred lights.

We spark these joyful moments

connecting us to ancient times.

In dark times we ignite our light

whilst raising up a future so bright.

We do so for our ancestors’ dreams

who fought to live Jewish and free.

The warmth of our holy community

brings us all together in unity.

May we all leave this place

with hearts aglow and a smiling face.

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