Poems from Midnight Strike

A World Without Bullets

I premiered this poem today along with reading “Hanukkah Train” on OZCAT radio.

A World Without Bullets

You say to yourself,

reading the newspapers,

but that could have been me…

We must not let it change us

for the worse.

We must not hide ourselves

from the beauty life has to offer.

We must not allow fear

to stop us from

getting an education,

worshipping in our sanctuaries,

enjoying live music,

watching films upon the big screen,

dancing the night away,

working at our professions,

eating out at restaurants,

hanging out at the local mall,

competing at gaming conventions,

or seeking medical treatment.

We must continue

to be defiant in the face of fear

by enthusiastically

participating in life.

We must demand a world

where it is safe for people

to live their daily lives…

A world where the weapons of war

cannot be purchased at your local drug store…

A world where those with power

cease to close their ears,

ignoring all of our tears.

Stop offering up empty words 

with a side of inaction

while people continue to die.

Stop giving in to the demands of the greedy,

for you’re sanctifying the hatred of the unhinged,

rather than acting that their deaths be avenged.

For all their sakes, 

we must demand peace,

live peace, breathe peace, be peace.

We can have a world free of bullets,

but it is up to you to get it.

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