Vallejo Unity Day 2018

For the poems performed by D.L. Lang at Unity Day in 2017 and 2018 visit the posts “Unity Day Poems” and “Vallejo Together

The following poem was written by individuals who visited the Vallejo Poet Laureate booth at Unity Day 2018. 

Vallejo Unity Day 2018  Community Poem

Community unity is a beautiful thing. We all are so different, but fight for the same dream. 

Unity & Equality 

Brotherhood & Sisterhood

Peace & love

Unity is the cycle of our lives. Breathe in and out to the end. 

Love. Happiness. Peace. 

It is a beautiful life! 


Isang bagsak!

When we stand together, no one can sit by and ignore us! 

We all need restorative justice and practice it until repetition becomes easy and forgiveness doesn’t take 20 years or more. Unity – a work in progress. We live in the shelter of each other. 

Symbiotic fish tank hiding under rocks of our collective fear yin and yang of all who will support us, so we may stand together. 

Nothing lasts forever, especially me…with outrageous hesitation, I will cease to be. 

Be kind. Be truthful. 

Cool breeze off the bay, birdsong morning. 

I enjoy freedom to move freely.

Vallejo Unity Day Acrostic
Vallejo Unity Day Acrostic by Jeff Williams

D.L. Lang is the current Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She is the author of ten books, and one spoken word album. Her poems have been published in the Benicia Herald, Jewish Journal, Poets Are Heroes Magazine, the Benicia First Tuesday Poets anthology Light & Shadow, and in A Poet’s Siddur: Friday Evening Liturgy through the Eyes of Poets. Lang has been a featured act at several events including the Vallejo Man March, Unity Day, Solidarity with Charlottesville, and International Peace Day. She is also a regular at Poetry by the Bay and leads the Poetry in Notion poetry circle. She has won ribbons and rosettes at the Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Solano County Fairs. Her poems have been transformed into songs, liturgy, and used as a means to advocate for causes.

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