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Participatory Budgeting Poem

PB Poem

This fine city of Vallejo
is giving us a choice in the way things go
with a budget that is of the people.

We get to choose where our taxes get spent,
making for more efficient government.

If you want to help our kids,
the art scene, and homeless folks, too,
fix the roads, improve our parks,
well, this is what you got to do!

The choice comes around every year.
Your voice is heard by city hall.
It’s absolutely your call!

If you’re at least fourteen,
living in Vallejo, step on up,
and participate in this scene.

Get out and vote,
then if you want to you can gloat,
shouting, “Hey, I helped make this happen!”

You can make a difference in person or online.
All it takes is a couple minutes of your time.

So cast your vote today,
and help forge a brand new way
for our beautiful city by the bay.



Go vote by April 30th!

The original version of this poem originally appears in the 2016 book Barefoot in the Sanctuary, and was a topic suggested by Matthew Finkelstein.

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