California Poems

I recited this poem, “Visions,” at the 10.10.17 Vallejo City Council meeting where I was officially proclaimed and appointed the 2017-2019 Vallejo Poet Laureate.

Visions by D.L. Lang

No photo can quite capture

this moment’s true beauty,

for moments, like all people,

were meant to be free.



they fail to pinpoint

just what this place means to me,

for words are but stardust

in this universe full of dreams.


How wonderful to have landed

in this corner of the earth,

where the streets are lined

with stories of history and rebirth.


To your visions

of our metropolis

to what she was, is,

and can still be,



I am grateful

to be a voice among thee,

for together we form a chorus,

praising our beautiful city.

You can view the video here:

D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
Diana L. Lang is Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She has published nine poetry books under the pen name D.L. Lang, won several awards at area county fairs, and enjoys participating in the spoken word community of Solano County.
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