Generations – Reserve Best of Show

“Generations” is a poem from the book Armor Against the Dawn.

I’m happy to report that this poem, which was my favorite of my entries, won First Place in Published Poetry and Reserve Best of Show in Poetry at this year’s Solano County Fair.

It previously won a red ribbon for Second Place in Any Other Poetry at the 2017 Marin County Fair in July.

This poem is a reflection on how every younger generation must study the zeitgeists of previous generations in order to come to a deeper understanding of the failings of the past in order to forge a better future for all generations.

Many, many thanks to the judges at both fairs! I am honored.

Generations reserve best of show
Generations D.L. Lang red ribbon


Child, you were
born into a world
where the lines
were already drawn,
and the words
had their meanings
beyond what you’re seeing,

stretching back
throughout history
only to ensnare us all
in their mysteries
as neutrality
is an impossibility
once understanding
has been achieved,

so choose carefully,
for there is no other world
in which you may exist.

You must change this one.

D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang of Vallejo, CA is the author of nine poetry collections, including 2016's Poet Loiterer which Kirkus Reviews described as containing "Free-spirited ideals couched in fairly infectious rhymes." She enjoys performing her poems at open mics and entering them in county fairs.