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The Church of Holy Crude

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma has declared Oct 13th Oil Field Prayer Day. Seriously.

The Church of Holy Crude

The governor of my former home state
has asked us all to pray.

The governor of my former home state
practices a different faith.

The governor of my former home state
has anointed us with oil.

The governor of my former home state
has erected a monument to her god.

On the capitol lawn it watches over us
like a guardian angel
crafted of metal,
as schools lack funding and tornado shelters,
while placing first for fracking earthquakes,
crumbling our family homes,
we know nothing is more sacred.

We listen to her holy prophets,
who worship in the name of profits.

Oh, have we faith in the souls
of the dead dinosaurs
that have come before us,
as we pray our way
towards an equal fate
as lead by the governor
of my former state.


D.L. Lang is the current Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She is the author of ten books, and one spoken word album. Her poems have been published in the Benicia Herald, Jewish Journal, Poets Are Heroes Magazine, the Benicia First Tuesday Poets anthology Light & Shadow, and in A Poet’s Siddur: Friday Evening Liturgy through the Eyes of Poets. Lang has been a featured act at several events including the Vallejo Man March, Unity Day, Solidarity with Charlottesville, and International Peace Day. She is also a regular at Poetry by the Bay and leads the Poetry in Notion poetry circle. She has won ribbons and rosettes at the Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Solano County Fairs. Her poems have been transformed into songs, liturgy, and used as a means to advocate for causes.

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