Peace will Come – International Day of Peace

In honor of the International Day of Peace, making a special post for this.
I wrote these words as part of my contribution to La Familia:

Peace will come the day we forget how to drop the bombs or make the guns,
When we get along underneath the same old sun,
Singing songs in holy unison no matter where we’re from,
Yes, peace will come. Peace will come. Pray before the day is done.

My friend, Fred Ross-Perry was inspired by them and expanded it into these lyrics, and the song:

Peace will come, and it won’t be long
When we forget how to drop the bombs
When we forget how to make the guns
That’s when peace will come

Peace will come when we get along
When we get along underneath the sun
All together under that same old sun
That’s when peace will come

Peace will come when we’re singing songs
Singing in holy unison
Singing no matter where we’re from
That’s when peace will come

Yes, Peace will come, and it won’t be long
We’ll help each other to be strong
And we’ll work until the day is done,
That’s when peace will come.


These words also appear in the 2019 Vallejo Peace Project anthology Verses, Voices, & Visions of Vallejo.

Verses, Voices & Visions of Vallejo

Verses, Voices & Visions of Vallejo

Series: Poetry Anthologies
Genre: Poetry
ASIN: 1724462636
ISBN: 9781724462633

This collective book featuring 43 writers was released March 13, 2019 with a reading at the Vallejo JFK Library in the Joseph Room with proceeds benefitting the Vallejo Peace Project.

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About the Book

To read contributor biographies please visit this link: poetryebook.com/vallejo-anthology-contributor-bios/ To preview this book please visit Google Books. List Price: $20.00 8.5″ x 11″ (21.59 x 27.94 cm) Black & White on White paper 196 pages ISBN-13: 978-1724462633 ISBN-10: 1724462636 BISAC: Poetry / Anthologies A collective anthology authored by: DIANA ALDEN OLIVIA ANDERSON KYRAH AYERS DANIEL BADIALI GENEA BRICE JESSICA BROWN LEI KIM SAWYER CHAVEZ JULIA DVORIN JOHANNA ELY RANJIT SINGH GILL AMY GIOLETTI G.O. 284 GREY MORGAN HANNIGAN TRAVIS JACKSON, JR. KATHLEEN JEFFREY KINGMAN CHUCK LAMPLIGHTER D.L. LANG LADY-D LEE LEE LUCINDA LEES AQUEILA M. LEWIS MYRA NISSEN KELLIANE PARKER POETIC OLD SOUL CAROL PEARLMAN BOBBY RICHARDSON FRED ROSS-PERRY NINA SERRANO RAVI SHANKAR ERIKA SNYDER JEREMY SNYDER REGINA SPARROW TOM STANTON DIANA TENES KEITH THOMPSON AMBER VON NAGEL BECKY BISHOP WHITE JEFF WILLIAMS JAMES WESTLEY LISA WILSON LOIS WU Edited by D.L. LANG Vallejo Poet Laureate 2017-2019 Vallejo Waterfront Cover Photo by JESSICA BROWN Available at Bookshop Benicia in Benicia, California, and Alibi Bookshop in Vallejo, California. A copy is also archived at the Benicia Public Library, and in circulation in the Solano County Library system. Proceeds of offline sales benefit the Vallejo Peace Project. Please contact Lisa Wilson vallejopeaceproject@gmail.com or D.L. Lang to get bulk copies for your organization. For out of state orders, please use amazon.com www.amazon.com/gp/product/1724462636/ I met several talented poets and lyricists when performing at poetry by the bay, poetry in notion, and across my life. I wanted to bring them all together in one book, as many of them as were willing to submit their work. I collected poems for 8 months, spent 4 months compiling and editing. I didn’t change very much of what was originally submitted, so as to retain the voice and style of the original authors. My focus was on what they had to say, not how they said it. I also accepted every person who submitted a poem and bio. I think poets receive enough rejection based on subjective reasons, so I wanted to be fully inclusive. I had originally intended on just a book about Vallejo, but I tossed aside my own rules to allow for more freedom of expression. I was delighted with everything that I received. As the poems came in I found the book to be relatable on a personal level, talking about love and loss, as well as talking about global issues such as racism, peace, revolution, poverty, and trauma. With its wide breadth of important subject matter it became a book I enjoyed reading as I edited. I also wanted to show that in the most diverse city in America we can unite in the name of poetry and peace. I didn’t want to give the money to an arts organization or keep it for myself, so I chose Vallejo Peace Project. Vallejo has a lot of violence, and they encourage people to be the change, spread positivity, and commit random acts of kindness to make the world a better place. Since I am not paid as a poet laureate, I funded the project with my savings, and we had a beautiful book launch in the spring at the library where we sold out of copies, and raised money for the peace project. I hadn’t originally intended releasing the book on a wide scale, but there was some additional demand afterwards. You can get the book at Bookshop Benicia, Alibi Bookshop, and online. Lisa Wilson has copies that benefit the peace project.

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D.L. Lang served as Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California (2017-2019). She is the author of twelve books, and one spoken word album. Her poems have been published in the Benicia Herald, Jewish Journal, Poets Are Heroes Magazine, ReformJudaism.org, the Benicia First Tuesday Poets anthology Light & Shadow, and in A Poet’s Siddur: Friday Evening Liturgy through the Eyes of Poets. Lang has been a featured act at several events including the Vallejo Man March, Unity Day, Solidarity with Charlottesville, the Vallejo Women’s March, Families Belong Together, and International Peace Day. She is also a regular at Poetry by the Bay and lead the Poetry in Notion poetry circle. She has won ribbons and rosettes at the Alameda, Marin, San Mateo, and Solano County Fairs. Her poems have been transformed into songs, liturgy, and used as a means to advocate for causes.

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