America, can we find a space of sanity,
and rediscover each other’s humanity?

America, this is a land of rich and poor,
with many more immigrants knocking at the door.

America, can we stop demonizing each other,
and instead, find a way to love and help one another?

America, look deep into your neighbor’s eyes,
and listen to their lonely cries as they try to survive.

America, it’s hard enough out there for most of us.
Let us not continue to divide out of fear and lose our trust.

America, you beautiful, great land,
please, hold each other’s hands and take a stand.

America, it is okay to disagree with one another,
and still love your sisters and brothers.

America, can we stop justifying violence,
in our homes, in our streets, abroad and domestic,
whether injurious or murderous?
Can we instead return to kindness and common sense?

America, if we cannot recognize the good in every person,
and forgive our imperfections,
then our nation will surely continue to worsen.

America, find a way to live your lives ethically
and contribute to your community.

America, stop acting based on assumptions,
and talk to one another if you have the gumption.

America, you taught me that we were created equally,
with the right to life, finding happiness and liberty.

America, why then do we kill so easily?
Why then are some folks less free?
Why then do we peddle for profit fear and misery?
America, please, answer me.

America, you must readdress your priorities.
Human life is more important than property.
Human life is more important than policy.
Human life is more important than profiting.
Human life is more important than perfection.
Human life is more important. Period.

America, stop justifying discrimination.
This is, and always has been a diverse nation.
America, you consist of every other nation.
A person being different is no justification.
Passing unjust laws will only lead to frustration.

America, you spring to violence far too quickly.
There is nothing virtuous about revenge.
There is nothing virtuous about war.
There is nothing virtuous about silencing a life.
There is nothing virtuous about martyrdom.
Violence never breeds virtue.

America, I don’t mean to single you out,
but you’re the country I care most about.
Yes, all nations have problems to scream about,
but, America, I live in you, and love you,
so please, listen, America.

Let us truly be the United States,
and stop promoting fear and hate.
America, do not let your feelings coagulate.
America, start today and do not wait.

America, we are better than this.
America, find ways to agree to disagree.
America, allow each person to be free.
America, let us learn to live peacefully.

America, are you listening?


D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
Diana L. Lang is Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She has published nine poetry books under the pen name D.L. Lang, won several awards at area county fairs, and enjoys participating in the spoken word community of Solano County.
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