D.L. Lang at Solano County Fair

Generation Awake!

In 2015, the Solano County Fair awarded this poem 2nd place in its Published Poetry category. So, for a throwback in the spirit of county fair season, I decided to share.
Generation Awake!

Generation awake!

Open your glazed eyes.


March towards peace.

Work towards love.

Feed your brothers.

Shelter your sisters.


No more bullets raining down.

No more madmen shrieking infamy.

No more pain and confusion.

No more lives died early in vain.


Step away from the screen.

Do you even remember the green?

The chlorophyll in youthful nostrils

Now replaced by formalin soaked suits.


Feet once barefoot chasing nature,

Chase after a different green.

Tell me are you happier?

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