“Tonight” is a poem that appears in the book Look Ma! No Hands! 

I find peace in the night long after the sun has set
when the troubles of the day have passed onward
and nothing can be done. Some peaceful relaxation
in the neon lights of the cities and their comforting blink
as the cars churn onward like a white noise machine.

The quiet has settled in and not a word is spoken
but the wafting melodies of random yesteryears.
Some strange music working its way into my heart
bringing alive my soul and leaving my mind
in awe of its poetry. What is the real difference
between a prayer, a poem, and a song?

The line fades daily as there is no real line
only our words labeling dividing and the indefinable.
And as it fades, it is only wholeness I feel for those
self definitions we concern our days with are invisible lines, too.

D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
Diana L. Lang is Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She has published nine poetry books under the pen name D.L. Lang, won several awards at area county fairs, and enjoys participating in the spoken word community of Solano County.
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