Why I Go to Shul

Why I go to Shul
Sometimes I just show up for the food because I am starved,
Others I am truly lonely and I need your hugs,
Sometimes I am just there to learn,
Absorbing all of Torah,
And sometimes, well, mostly, 
if I’m honest, for amazing moving music.

Whatever gets you there,

It doesn’t matter the why,
Only that you did what you did.
It doesn’t matter your feelings,
If you overcame them to succeed.
You can have good intentions,
And still get really hurt by life.
When you’re hurt, 
you start asking questions, 
and find more questions than answers.
The only place I know to turn are
Books of wisdom or wise people.
People thought I was wise when I held my tongue,
But in reality I am a wise ass,
Still trying to feel like I’m young.
I joined an open-minded place,
To soften my own judgments,
And I awoke one day transformed.
So whatever gets you where you’re going,
So long as you respect others,
Keep on going, going, and when you’re gone,
You’ll find the only way to be found,
Is to get totally lost,
And it’s the things you hang onto,
In this utter darkness,
That will tether you to the end.
For me it’s Judaism, friends, and art.
These are the things that always awaken my heart.

This poem was published as a part of Look Ma! No Hands! If you dig it, please support the author, and grab a copy!

D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
Diana L. Lang is Poet Laureate of Vallejo, California. She has published nine poetry books under the pen name D.L. Lang, won several awards at area county fairs, and enjoys participating in the spoken word community of Solano County.
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