Right Here

Right Here
Wandering the city of my dreams,
With my grandfather’s spirit in my mind,
Accompanying me into old fashioned arcades,
Staring across the bay and sending love to friends who sail it.
We wander around on this merry go round of love,
finding the candy stores of our souls.
I dined on a heart attack between buns,
I longed for slower times,
And I received them.
The man behind the bush no longer causes me to jump,
I gladly ask strangers for photos,
I connect with traveling Texans.
And a man said, “you’re a steam punk,”
When here I was thinking of hippies.
This life is a candy store,

But it takes trying new things,
To figure out what’s sweetest.
And sometimes all you find,
Is that the marzipan still ain’t your bag.


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D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang of Vallejo, CA is the author of nine poetry collections, including 2016's Poet Loiterer which Kirkus Reviews described as containing "Free-spirited ideals couched in fairly infectious rhymes." She enjoys performing her poems at open mics and entering them in county fairs.