April 19

Planetary Heartburn

hands hold the half earth

NaPoWriMo’s prompt today was to write a personal ad. I kept getting “PO Box 9847” by the Monkees in my head. Here was today’s effort.

Planetary Heartburn

Large single blue sphere.
3rd house down Sun Street.
Corner of Milky Way.
Bad case of indigestion.
Warring bacterium infiltration.
Seeking powerful antacid.
Send suggestions to Dr. Moon.

© 2013 D.L. Lang

This poem was published as a part of Abundant Sparks. Dig it? Grab the book:

About Diana L. Lang

Diana L. Lang is the author of the books Personal Archeology: The Poetry of Rediscovery, Abundant Sparks: A Contemporary Poetry Collection, Tea and Sprockets: A Modern American Poetry Book, Look, Ma! No Hands! and Your Poetry eBook: Quick & Easy Formatting for Kindle. In 2015, she recorded her first spoken word album Happy Accidents. Lang is also known for her work on the films The Hebrew Project and Liquid Wind.


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