April 18

Suffering: Now Available in HD


Day 18 of NaPoWriMo! The challenge is a poem beginning and ending with the same word,

Suffering: Now Available in HD

Television news is distorted reality.
Zooming in on the negative.
Predicting human doom.
Polarizing arguments blaming groups.
No sensible debate behind the lies.
Quick snap judgements ruining lives.
Evading responsibility for facts.
Lifting the infamous to household names.
Tell me when was the last time,
That the news discovered
The beauty of the trees outside,
The gentle breathing of a sleeping lover,
The joy in a child’s eyes,
The calming ocean waves,
Or the sanctity of silence?
Joy is thinking outside that box.
Life begins when it’s turned off.
Free your mind from the tunnel vision,
Spoon fed daily in high definition,
Sponsored by your new television.


© 2013 D.L. Lang

This poem was published as a part of Abundant Sparks. Dig it? Grab the book:

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