Today’s prompt was a poem that says goodbye. Instead of posting something new, I would like to share a poem that I wrote in July 1999 when my grandfather died. He died four days after my beloved dog, Sally, died, so it was a particularly mournful summer. The poem below entitled “You” will be included in my upcoming book Abundant Sparks though its time period is that of Tea & Sprockets. The poem about my dog is entitled “Salad” and is in Tea & Sprockets.


My heart was struck another blow,
four days past the first horrible show.
Love is so strong. It lasts so long.
But never enough can anyone show.

You suffered for what seemed like forever,
but I wish you would have suffered never.

Although I know you knew,
I have to say again that I love you.
I wish I could have seen you more,
but every moment I had with you,
none of them were a bore.

I mean that from my heart.
I didn’t like to see you go.
Neither did anyone else, you know.
We were all quite sad,
but your having no more pain made us glad.
We’re glad to have known you,
and I, if anyone, knows this is true.

I cannot seem to end my tears,
your passing was to me a great fear.
But I will always have you in my heart,
And will see you in heaven whenever I must part.

© 2013 D.L. Lang

This poem was published as a part of Abundant Sparks. Dig it? Grab the book:

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D.L. Lang
D.L. Lang of Vallejo, CA is the author of five full length poetry collections, including 2016's Poet Loiterer which Kirkus Reviews described as containing "Free-spirited ideals couched in fairly infectious rhymes." She also released her debut spoken word album entitled Happy Accidents.
Lang won Best of Show in Poetry at the 2015 Solano County Fair. Lang performs at poetry open mics around the Bay Area, including regularly at the Hub as a part of Poetry by the Bay, and was also a featured act at the inaugural Vallejo Man March.
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