Today’s prompt was to write a poem of lies. Yes, these are all, unfortunately lies, but oh, what a world if true.


I awoke this beautiful morning
to witness an amazing sight.
The nations have laid down their arms.
Their peoples will no longer fight.
The evil dictator tyrants died of heart attacks,
mysteriously overnight.

The swords have been beaten to plowshares.
The guns, museum pieces now.
The nukes have been dismantled.
The tanks have rusted down.

Estranged lovers and parents
with children long since left,
now embrace their differences,
and hold tight to each others breast.

On this day no innocents died.
The children are all healthy.
On this day, no mothers cried.
With peace, we are all wealthy.

The doctors now have magic pills.
Cancer and AIDS—no more!
Starvation and homelessness
a thing of the past.
We each have more than we need.

Religions now work together in peace,
each praising God in their way.
Differences are accepted and celebrated.
Not a single mouth preaches hate.

No politicans are bought off,
They all improve the world.
Political parties have opened their eyes,
Shook hands on peaceful compromise.

No tornadoes strike the plains.
No tsunamis wreck the shores.
The earth no longer quakes.
The sunset and sunrise paint love in the sky.
And rainbows adorn the lakes.

©D.L. Lang 2013

This poem was published as a part of Abundant Sparks. Dig it? Grab the book:

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