This is the official website of Vallejo Poet Laureate D.L. Lang. Contact me via poetryebook@gmail.com

My latest book Midnight Strike is now available on Amazon.com

Below are some upcoming featured readings:

July 25, 2019 Marin Poetry Center Travelling Show – 7 PM Marin Civic Center Library, 3501 Civic Center Drive, San Rafael. Featuring alongside Linda Enders, Carol Griffin and Susan Zerner.

August 25, 2019 Live Poets Society Orinda Books 1 PM @ 276 Village Square, Orinda, CA Featuring with Tanu Wakefield.

As a collection of poems spanning pivotal subjects, Armor Against the Dawn is a complex representation of the poet’s passionate views.
 The collection is layered with expressive thought and candid revelations of the poet’s position on multiple current day social events.  Insightful, as well as bold, the collection is infused with an underlying theme of a continual searching for answers, for understanding, and for resolution.  

Realistic Poetry International

Poems that embrace spoken-word rhythms and hippie principles, inspired by the author’s love of music and nature, her peace activism, and her gratitude for Jewish community.

Kirkus Reviews 

An ingenious visionary and virtuous human moral-compass, Lang makes writing poetry seem effortless, hypnotizing us with fantasy-like analogies that cleverly unravel meaningful and philosophical multi-layered themes. Each theme underlines and mirrors many different colors and faces of life and humanity.

Realistic Poetry International