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    One year as Poet Laureate

    On October 10th, 2017 I performed “Visions” to a packed city council chamber, and received my proclamation as Vallejo’s Poet Laureate. I wish to express gratitude to the musicians at my synagogue who sparked this journey from the page to the stage, to my predecessor Genea Brice, to everyone at Vallejo Community Arts Foundation and the Links who was involved in the selection process, and to all of the organizations who have asked me to perform or write for them since then. I look forward to the year to come! Prior to becoming laureate I had released nine books between 2011 and 2017, my poem “Prayer for the Shomrim” was…

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    I read this poem at the Vallejo United Against Hate & Anti-Semitism rally on October 28, 2018. Pittsburgh We who pray words of peace, words of love, words of unity, words of welcoming, words of kindness, words of justice… These words transform our hearts to take action in favor of these holy ideals. Eleven mensches, were taken from us, so senseless, by one who let words that stoke fear and hatred transform himself instead. And so I have no more words. They only exit as tears.

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    A Recipe for a Better World – Poem for Vallejo Soup

    On September 27, 2018, I had the honor of performing a set of poetry for the community funding organization Vallejo Soup at the Vallejo People’s Garden. This is the poem I wrote for them. A Recipe for a Better World Take a dash of love, a cup of cooperation, stir together with some unity, and invite the whole community. Multiple chefs don’t spoil this soup. The more the merrier on this island of the mare. So boldly we dare proclaim that together we can! Together we can build the world we want, raise one another up, hold one another, stand up for each other. Together we can. Together we can do…

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    Vallejo Together

    I performed the following poem as part of the Vallejo Poetry Showcase at Unity Day 2018. View the video here. Vallejo Together Here in a city of many faiths, of many peoples  from many lands both near and far, a kaleidoscope of folks, speaking a tapestry of languages that ring out in harmony across our beautiful city, as strangers become friends, all together, holding hands, under a smiling sun, we come together. We are forever tethered by these city streets from the bridges in the south to the highways heading north from the hills in the east to the waters of the west we are populated  by people so sweet,…

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    Vallejo Unity Day 2018

    For the poems performed by D.L. Lang at Unity Day in 2017 and 2018 visit the posts “Unity Day Poems” and “Vallejo Together” The following poem was written by individuals who visited the Vallejo Poet Laureate booth at Unity Day 2018.  Vallejo Unity Day 2018  Community Poem Community unity is a beautiful thing. We all are so different, but fight for the same dream.  Unity & Equality  Brotherhood & Sisterhood Peace & love Unity is the cycle of our lives. Breathe in and out to the end.  Love. Happiness. Peace.  It is a beautiful life!  Bug.  Isang bagsak! When we stand together, no one can sit by and ignore us! …

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    Two poems for National Poetry Month 2018

    I had the honor of performing among a group of super talented fellow poets in Benicia, CA for “Why Poetry?” and Fairfield, CA for “Why Poetry Matters” for National Poetry Month to support two good causes: The Joel Fallon Poetry Scholarship and Solano County Library Foundation Literacy Programs. The poem “Libraries Ignite Universes” was written for the Solano County Library system and was originally published on their Facebook page earlier this month, and is in my new book Resting on My Laurels. The poem Why Poetry Matters I wrote for the Fairfield event.  I read both of these in Benicia, and then again in Fairfield as part of a larger…